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Inspiring Future Gardeners: Pumpkins

Gardening is a fun and easy activity for everyone! Not only is gardening a good form of physical activity, but if you grow your own fruits and vegetables, you are also nourishing your body with the best and most important nutrients. This year, I was a little late in the season to planting our pumpkin seeds, but with good care and maintenance, the pumpkin sprouts are thriving! So much so, that I am sharing them with my family, friends, and neighbors.

The goal of The Plant Driven Dietitian is not only to foster community engagement for healthy daily practices, but to also promote self-sustainable practices in the food industry-and this can all start with you! Pumpkins are a fun and easy crop to grow. No matter if you are a pro or have never grown anything before, I hope this guide encourages you to give it a try! Leave a comment below if you would like to see more on Inspiring Future Gardeners, have questions, and/or suggestions! Please don't forget to tag me @theplantdrivendietitian or leave a picture below of your pumpkin.

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